Department of Human Services

Trauma-Informed Counseling (Certificate)

The certificate program will focus on an overview of issues associated with trauma, stress, crisis, disaster experiences and trauma theories, assessment, and diagnosis of PTSD in clinical mental health settings with the importance of differentiating their varying characteristics. Emphasis will be on knowledge and skills of different types of interventions, skills of trauma assessment, and diagnosis using lifespan perspective.

Academic and Curriculum


College of Education and Human Services


Human Services

Degree (A.A., B.S., B.F.A., etc.) & Title

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Certificate Program Title

Trauma-Informed Counseling Certificate

Certificate Application

Semester System



Credit Hours

CNL 6210 Crisis Counseling


CNL 9601 Advance Crisis Intervention


CNL 9602 Assessment and Diagnosis of PTSD in Counseling Practice


CNL 7651 Addiction in the K-12 Setting


Certificate Total Credits


Practicum and Internship

All students seeking the trauma-informed counseling certificate must be either in their practicum or have documented completion of practicum requirements.

Contact Information-Certificate Directors

Dr. John A. Conteh
Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
108W Allyn Hall

Dr. Huma A. Bashir
Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
108K Allyn Hall

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