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Spring 2018 Edition

On February 23 and 24, 2018, Wright State University (WSU) students presented at the Ohio Counsel for Teachers in English Language Arts (OCTELA) Conference.

Current WSU Literacy Master’s students Erika Lauver and Megan Weir, as well as recent WSU Literary Master’s graduate, Candy McCoy, each shared a 45 minute teaching presentation to literacy educators around the state of Ohio.

In her presentation, Lauver shared her experiences from working in an urban inner city school. She...

Spring 2018 Edition

One impressive Wright State University (WSU) student, Tim Hoffman, is not only busy with academics, he also spends his time working and with his family.

For the past few years, the Middle Childhood Education Master's candidate has managed to balance being a husband and a father of two while succeeding as a fulltime student and employee. Moreover, he is completing the Middle Childhood Education 4+1 Program at WSU in three years rather than in the typical five year time-span.


Spring 2018 Edition

Carrie Jones, a Wright State University (WSU) alum, is using her knowledge to educate children and make a difference in the schools she attended.

Since graduating from WSU’s early childhood education (ECE) program in 2000, Jones has worked for Fairborn City Schools, primarily teaching 4th grade.

“I have always wanted to teach,” Jones stated.  “I fell in love with school when I was a kid and had many amazing teachers along the way.” 

Given that she spent the majority of...

Spring 2018 Edition

Wright State University (WSU) Teacher Education alum, Brooke Hoblit, is using her education to impact the lives of children and college students.

After graduating from WSU’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) program in 2009, Hoblit has served as a first and second grade teacher at National Trail Elementary. Additionally, for the past five years she has worked at WSU as an adjunct professor for the Reading Master program.

“My favorite thing about teaching is getting to know my...

Fall 2017 Edition

During her time at Wright State University (WSU), current senior Kimberly Truong, has been growing young minds and plants.

In some of her coursework, the impressive Early Childhood Education (ECE) major is incorporating WSU’s campus garden into her curriculum.

“I like the garden on campus because we got to do a hands on activity,” she said. “This same concept could be used in a classroom and at a school because it can get students to learn about science in a fun and engaging...

Fall 2017 Edition

For her first teaching positions out of college, Mariah Vraniak decided to put her Wright State education to the cultural test. Over the past two years, the 2015 Middle Childhood Education graduate has been successfully teaching math and computer programming courses to middle schoolers in Alaska.

“I originally chose to teach in Alaska because it sounded like an adventure to get to experience a unique culture first hand,” Vraniak said. “It was a big move, but luckily I was right. It...

Fall 2017 Edition

One Wright State University (WSU) graduate who is giving back to the community and her alma mater is Teacher Education alum, Rachel Snyder.

For the past 15 years, Snyder has educated elementary school students at Fairborn Primary School in Fairborn, Ohio. While she originally taught first and sixth graders, Snyder has spent the majority of her career educating second graders.

“I chose to work in Fairborn because it’s where I went to school,” Snyder explained. “I wanted to give...

Fall 2017 Edition

Wright State University (WSU) faculty member, Lorrie Kubaszewski, is on her second career path: molding future teachers.

For thirty years, the education instructor introduced Troy Junior High students to the joys of English class. Since retiring from this position in 2013, she has taken up instructing WSU students how to teach.

“I like to say that I’m twice blessed in my life,” Kubaszewski stated. “I was able to teach something I loved for 30 years and then start a...

Spring 2017 Edition

During the Fall 2016 semester, Middle Childhood students in 3 courses gained valuable classroom experience via a partnership with Fairborn Intermediate School. Deemed the Fairborn Collaborative, the students in Mrs. Lee Welz’s Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum course, Dr. Hannah Chai’s Phonics and Word Study Instruction, and Dr. Lisa Kenyon’s Middle Childhood Education Science Curriculum & Methods all held a part of their courses at Fairborn Intermediate School.  Working with...

Spring 2017 Edition

Dr. Jeremy Mills has instructed students in Wright State’s Intervention Specialist program, and was recently appointed as the Intervention Specialist Program Director. In addition to taking on this new role, he has developed the Dyslexia Specialist Certification program. This is a graduate certificate program that provides knowledge for individuals to serve students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyslexic tendencies. Interested individuals who obtain the Dyslexia Specialist Certification can...


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