Department of Teacher Education

Fall 2017 Edition

Cooperating Teacher Spotlight: Rachel Snyder

One Wright State University (WSU) graduate who is giving back to the community and her alma mater is Teacher Education alum, Rachel Snyder.

For the past 15 years, Snyder has educated elementary school students at Fairborn Primary School in Fairborn, Ohio. While she originally taught first and sixth graders, Snyder has spent the majority of her career educating second graders.

“I chose to work in Fairborn because it’s where I went to school,” Snyder explained. “I wanted to give back to the children and the community from which I grew up.”

Snyder reports that one of her favorite things about being a teacher is getting to change the lives of her students.

“I went into teaching because I love kids and enjoy teaching them something that they didn’t know,” she said. “I love seeing that lightbulb go off when they finally learn something they were struggling with.”

In addition to shaping elementary minds, Snyder has also aided in the development of over 10 college students majoring in education. Through educator field experience programs, she has served as a cooperating teacher to these individuals, many of whom were WSU students.

 “I decided to be a cooperating teacher because I think it’s good to give back to the profession that I love,” she stated. “If I can teach and share best practices with teacher candidates, they will then hopefully use those practices in their own classrooms someday. Being a cooperating teacher not only allows me to touch the lives of my students, but hopefully the lives of the teacher candidates’ future classrooms as well.”

Snyder emphasized that successful teacher candidates need to keep in mind that their actions are making an impact on the lives of children.

She also suggested that future teachers need to: “Love children, be flexible and patient, never give up on any child, remember you may be he best part of that child’s day, collaborate with other teachers, and always ask for help.”

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