Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations

Bachelor of Science in Education in Career, Technical, and Adult Education


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The Career and Technical bachelor’s degree is designed for students who are employed as Career and Technical Education instructors and who possess job-relevant competence. Several courses are available via web-based instruction even though courses are typically delivered in a traditional classroom setting providing interaction among teacher education faculty, pre-service teachers, and guest speakers. Opportunities also exist for interpersonal and social contact, observation of non-verbal communication, and role modeling. Emphasis in this program of study is on assisting pre-service teachers with the transition from business/industry to education.

Contact Information

Dr. Stephanie Davis, Program Director
(937) 775-2880


Admission Requirements

  • Completed or in the last semester of the Career, Technical, and Adult Education licensure program
  • Cumulative minimum GPA of 2.5
  • ETS Praxis Core exam*
    • Reading score of 156 or higher
    • Writing score of 162 or higher
    • Math score of 150 or higher

*Based on a review of institutional, state, and national Praxis Core data, the College of Education and Human Services has re-examined and adjusted the Praxis Core scores required for admission.

As the adjustments may be helpful to students applying for admission, we are implementing these adjustments immediately.

Thus, anyone who took the Praxis Core Writing exam prior to August 1, 2016 will be able to count a score of 150 or higher. And, anyone who had a Math score of 150 or higher will have now met the testing criteria for that area.

Admission Process

New Students:


Apply to the University.



  • Ohio Department of Education VE 36/37 form signed by the superintendent

Current Career, Technical, and Adult Education Licensure Students seeking admission to the B.S.Ed. Program:




Successfully complete an interview with program directors.

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