Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations

Spring 2017

Educational Technology Course Updates

By Sheri Stover, PhD

EDT-8130 Making Online Courses Interactive:

EDT-8130 focuses on teaching students how to design online classes that have high levels of interaction and student engagement. Students create three highly interactive web conferences during this class. This year we have added a new technology. Students are using VoiceThread to add another interactive technology. VoiceThread is an asynchronous tool that permits instructors to post content and also engage their students in a group conversation. It is a collaborative, multimedia slideshow that allows students to navigate the slides and also allows students and instructors to leave comments in several different ways using their voice (microphone, webcam, phone, or text). 

EDT-8140 Learning Management Systems & Evaluation:

Students study learning management systems (LMS) and evaluation in EDT-8140. There were several design updates in this class to ensure the course stays current. Four guest speakers were invited to the weekly web conference sessions to share their expertise on current learning management systems (LMS). First, Chris Roberts from Wright State University, Associate Director at the Center for Teaching and Learning, spoke about his experiences with Desire-to-Learn LMS. The next week the guest speaker Janet Hurn, Coordinator Miami University Regional E-Learning Initiatives, spoke to the class about her experiences with the Canvas LMS. The following week Paul Foster, Director Information Technology at the University of Cincinnati, spoke to the class about UC’s use of the Blackboard LMS. Lastly, Craig Woolley, the Wright State University Chief Information Officer, spoke to the class about the process of LMS acquisition. Students in EDT-8140 also completed the Applying the Quality Matters (APPQMR) workshop. Quality Matters is national recognized rubric and peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended-learning classes. Wright State was the first university in the world that included Quality Matters in a student curriculum. 

EDT-8250 Digital Citizenship: 

The EDT-8250 class is the capstone final class for the Educational Technology IDDL program. Students in this class examine the issues and responsibilities of using digital technologies including issues of intellectual property rights, ethics, managing online reputation, and professional responsibilities. With the growing number of issues and misuse of digital technologies, this class is timely and relevant. With the growing use of digital simulations in e-Learning, this class was updated to include an assignment were students use Articulate Storyline to create digital citizenship simulations. Simulations are thought to be the next “big thing” in e-Learning because it allows students to be actively involved while learning online instead of passively watching a video or reading a web page. Upon completion of the class all students felt that the use of simulations was so important that we continue to implement simulation development throughout the IDDL program. We are now re-looking at our existing curriculum to see how we can use simulation development in other classes.