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The Teacher Education Department in the College of Education and Human Services offers many undergraduate and graduate programs that lead to initial teacher preparation in selected teaching fields and selected age levels. Teacher Education also offers several advanced professional programs for current teachers seeking advanced study and/or additional teaching credentials.

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Our Stories

High Tech Gaming Lab at WPAFB - CEHS student

CEHS student interns at WPAFB Gaming Research Integration for Learning Laboratory

Gaming Research - Problem Solving and Critical Thinking for CEHS Middle Childhood Student

Joshua Dodge is currently a senior in the College of Education and Human Services at Wright State University and majoring in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in Science and Language Arts.

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State taps eagle-eyed Wright State student for service committee

Wright State student Adrian Hill works in Wright State's Veteran and Military Center’s and was named to the state’s committee on service and volunteerism.
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New Center of Pedagogy will support educator preparation efforts at Wright State

New Center of Pedagogy will coordinate relationships among educators and faculty to improve programs that prepare educators and P-12 student achievement.
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Greene County Career Center students participate in exercises at Calamityville

Is there a better way to learn firsthand about homeland security and the link it has to medical preparedness than to serve as role players in a medical training course for law enforcement professionals?
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