Department of Teacher Education

Fall 2017 Edition

Student Spotlight: Kimberly Truong

During her time at Wright State University (WSU), current senior Kimberly Truong, has been growing young minds and plants.

In some of her coursework, the impressive Early Childhood Education (ECE) major is incorporating WSU’s campus garden into her curriculum.

“I like the garden on campus because we got to do a hands on activity,” she said. “This same concept could be used in a classroom and at a school because it can get students to learn about science in a fun and engaging way if they were to also plant seeds and grow their own vegetables, fruit, and flowers. “

Truong explained that she hopes to utilize garden-centered activities in her future classroom as it promotes student learning.

“I do believe that students learn best when they get to actively participate in what they are learning,” she stated. “There are so many learning opportunities with a garden and I think that the whole school could benefit from a learning garden if I were to have one when I become a teacher.”

Along with increasing children’s science knowledge, Truong hopes that her teachings will positively impact her students’ lives outside of the classroom.

“I want to be able to help children learn everything that they can with me so that they can be the best they can be,” she explained. “I love watching students get that "aha" moment when they are struggling to learn something and I want to let as many students as I can get those moments.”

She accredits her teaching success to WSU’s ECE program as teacher candidates are required to partake in school placements. 

“If I had not been in so many classrooms, I do not think I would be as prepared to be in the classroom as I am now to teach and assess my students,” Truong said. “I feel a lot more confident in my abilities as a teacher than I did when I first started out because of all the experiences I have had.”

In addition to WSU’s education program, she believes that ECE faculty member, Sue Gruber, has positively impacted her teaching abilities.

“Gruber has been one of my favorite professors while taking classes here at Wright State,” she stated. “She also walked us through a lot of projects step by step, which made things much easier to do. I think that she helped prepare me a lot for the classroom and I am thankful for all that she did.”

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