Department of Teacher Education

Spring 2018 Edition

Carrie Jones: Cooperating Teacher

Carrie Jones, a Wright State University (WSU) alum, is using her knowledge to educate children and make a difference in the schools she attended.

Since graduating from WSU’s early childhood education (ECE) program in 2000, Jones has worked for Fairborn City Schools, primarily teaching 4th grade.

“I have always wanted to teach,” Jones stated.  “I fell in love with school when I was a kid and had many amazing teachers along the way.” 

Given that she spent the majority of her own early education as a student in Fairborn City Schools, Jones is able to meet her students’ needs from both the perspective of a teacher and of a student.

“My favorite thing about teaching is being able to make learning fun and make kids laugh,” she said.  “I like to see kids have fun while they are learning.”

Along with giving back to the district she attended, over the years Jones has also served as a cooperating teacher (CT) for her alma mater, WSU. In this position, she has helped train teacher candidates, many of whom have been WSU students.

“I became a cooperating teacher because I enjoy teaching adults as well as students,” she explained. “The teacher candidates bring fresh ideas to my classroom and can connect with my kids in a different way than I can at times.”

When asked what qualities the best teacher candidates possess, Jones stated that individuals should try to be active participates within the classroom.

“An excellent teacher candidate is someone that isn’t afraid to come in and get involved right away,” she said. “Walk around and assist students as needed. Talk to kids as they walk in the room and really get to know them.”  

Moreover, Jones explains that teachers should remain active learners throughout their careers in order to continue to grow their skills.

“I would like future teachers to know that we can learn as much from our students as they learn from us,” she stated. “We just need to pay attention.”


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