Department of Teacher Education

Spring 2018 Edition

Brooke Hoblit: Alum

Wright State University (WSU) Teacher Education alum, Brooke Hoblit, is using her education to impact the lives of children and college students.

After graduating from WSU’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) program in 2009, Hoblit has served as a first and second grade teacher at National Trail Elementary. Additionally, for the past five years she has worked at WSU as an adjunct professor for the Reading Master program.

“My favorite thing about teaching is getting to know my students and being able to show them that they are capable of doing anything they put their minds to,” Hoblit said. “I love impacting my students and their lives in a positive way.”

In addition to developing others’ knowledge, she has continued to expand her own education by earning her Master’s of Education in Literacy degree from WSU. Currently, she is also taking courses at the university to earn her Principal License.

“Being able to get my Master’s in Reading from WSU has helped me to become an effective reading teacher,” she stated. “I made several lifelong friends and colleagues that I can ask questions, get ideas from, and share experiences about our classrooms.”

Along with making positive professional and personal connections, Hoblit reports that the Teacher Education Department (TED) programs encourage and require real world experiences. 

“WSU provides the teacher candidates with a lot of hands on experience,” she explained. “I was exposed to a classroom setting at an elementary school as soon as I was accepted into the TED program. I think this is very beneficial to teacher candidates because they can see early on what being a teacher is like.”

Hoblit explained that through WSU’s teaching curriculum and its field work opportunities, she has become a more effective teacher.    

“The experience I had in my undergrad really prepared me for my first teaching job in my own classroom,” she said. “I learned a lot more from being in a classroom rather than just taking classes.”

While Hoblit believes that WSU increased her teaching abilities, one thing she wants undergraduate education majors to know is that it is beneficial to be exposed to diverse opinions and outlooks within the teaching field.

“I wish I knew that it is okay to have a different philosophy of teaching that the other teachers that work with you,” Hoblit stated. “It is good to have different perspectives and ideas about classroom management and teaching strategies.”


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