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Sports Management Certificate

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Why Choose the Sports Management Program?

Sports management is a growing and exciting field dealing with the business aspects of sports and recreation. Professionals in the sports management field range from public relations specialists to marketing directors, and from facilities managers to compliance coordinators. However, just as with sport itself, competition is stiff for the best sport management positions, and demand is highest for well-trained professionals. Wright State University's Sports Management Program (SMP) offers a solid educational base in the fundamentals of sports management for students interested in a variety of sports-related careers.

Those interested in pursuing a master's degree focused on this topic may pursue the Master of Arts in Physical Education: Sport Management program.

Contact Information

Dr. Carol Patitu, Program Director

Academics and Curriculum

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

  • HEA 7290 – The Role of Athletics in Higher Education (3 credit hours)
  • SPM 7010 – Current Issues in American Sports (3 credit hours)
  • SPM 7080 – Marketing and Public Relations in Sport (3 credit hours)
  • SAA 7670 – Internship (3 credit hours)
  • Two of the following:
    • SPM 7030 – Academic Support Services for Student Athletes (1 credit hour)
    • SPM 7040 – Recreation Management (1 credit hour)
    • SPM 7050 – Compliance and Regulation (1 credit hour)
    • SPM 7060 – Facilities and Event Management (1 credit hour)

Total required credit hours: 14

Course Descriptions

Catalog Course Descriptions

  • HEA 7290 – The Role of Athletics in Higher Education:  
    This course explores the role and impact of athletic programs at the intercollegiate level. Students study administrative and organizational structure, specialized functions, and professional career opportunities within the field of intercollegiate athletics. Planning, financing, programming, and management are studied, as well as the role of athletics within the educational experience.
  • SPM 7010 – Current Issues in American Sports: 
    This course identifies and analyzes the current issues impacting American sports. Emphasis is placed on how those issues and trends affect sport administrators, coaches, and fans.
  • SPM 7030 – Academic Support Services for Student Athletes: 
    This course explores the academic experience of student athletes in the context of the demands of their sport and how support services are organized and delivered to address distinctive academic needs.
  • SPM 7040 – Recreation Management: 
    This course explores directing and managing the program, services, and business operations of recreation and intramural sports programs. Organization principles and current issues are presented.
  • SPM 7050 – Compliance and Regulation:
    This course focuses on the NCAA legislative process and bylaws governing the operations of an athletics program. Included topics are those bylaws related to eligibility, amateurism, recruiting and financial aid.
  • SPM 7060 – Facilities and Event Management: 
    This course focuses on the planning, designing, operations and management of physical education, athletics, recreation, health and fitness, and aquatics facilities. Included are the development, planning, scheduling and implementation of daily and major events.
  • SPM 7080 – Marketing and Public Relations in Sport: 
    This course explores the marketing and public relations aspects of sports programs and sporting events. Current issues and accepted practices and techniques are presented.
  • SAA 7670 – Internship: 
    This field-based experience provides students with advanced practice and supervision in areas of interest in sports management.


Admission Process


Apply to Graduate School using the non-degree/certificate application.


Submit to the Graduate School:

One official transcript that shows the completion of a degree.

Careers and Internships

Below is a list of various Ohio universities and athletic organizations. This list was created for two reasons. First, we want prospective students to be aware of the considerable number of careers available in athletics. Second, we want to give current students a list of staff directories and home pages so they can contact these sites for potential internships. Also, three websites listed are designed specifically to look for careers and internships in athletics throughout the United States.

Ohio Athletic Department Staff Directories

College Conferences Headquarters

Professional Sports Teams

Websites for internships/careers

Collegiate Careers/Internships

  • Academic/Student Support Services
  • Associate & Assistant Commissioner
  • Associate & Assistant Director of Athletics
  • Athletics Development/Fundraising
  • Business Manager
  • Compliance
  • Conference Commissioner
  • Director of Athletics
  • Facility/Event Operations
  • Learning Specialist
  • Licensing
  • Marketing/Promotions
  • Sports Information
  • Ticketing

Campus recreation, intramurals, and club sports are all potential career/internship possibilities at a college/university.

Private/Public Sector

A sports management degree doesn’t limit your ability to only work in collegiate or professional sports. Any area that has some type of athletics is a possibility.

  • K-12 Athletic Director
  • Youth Leagues- Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer
  • Club/Select Teams- Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer
  • YMCA Recreation
  • Special Olympics
  • Summer Sports Camps

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