Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations

Spring 2017

Thoughts on Leading: Living in the Distant World of Sabbatical

By Jill Lindsey, PhD

Colleagues have asked me how sabbatical is going.  Here is a brief report of the distant world of sabbatical. Ten months ago I surrendered by baton and intentionally walked away from seven years of conducting - scheduling, supervision, paperwork, management, and chair obligations. Sabbatical created space in my life to adjust everything, especially my perspective. A gift I would give to anyone. The gift of time - to think, reflect, and remember what is important and what is least - all with the earned but none the less generous benefit of financial security and health insurance.

Perspective is the most personal of learning, and thankfully my sabbatical learning is far from complete. Time and space have allowed me to crystallize some "thoughts on leading":

  • Drama isn't life. 
  • Things are only black and white if you aren't really looking. 
  • Everyone makes mistakes, not repeating them requires humility.
  • Gratitude is nurtured by travel.
  • Apart from family, nothing in life is quite as important as it seems.