Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations

Spring 2017

Internship Experiences

By Suzanne Franco, PhD

The DOS program includes an internship experience, which is designed by the student to complement professional goals. Three DOS students recently presented summaries of their internship experiences.

Sylvia Ellison completed hers at Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County (PHDMC). In addition to participating in a significant organizational restructuring, she focused on public health accreditation process support in the Quality Improvement, Workforce Development, and Public Health Ethics domains. She participated in team planning, execution of tasks, and creation of products that are required to meet various accreditation standards.  




Caroline Drakeley completed her internship with Dr. Cassie Barlow at the Wright State Research Institute. Dr. Barlow is the Executive Director of the Wright State University Aerospace Professional Development Center where she also has additional roles of Executive Director of the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center and the oversight manager for the Regional STEM Collaborative. Caroline worked on two projects, while being mentored by Dr. Barlow: WSRI Strategic Talent Planning Initiative; and Transportation Workforce Strategic Initiative. Both projects provided an inside perspective regarding organizational and leadership power, transformational leadership, and organizational change. 




Karen Strider-Iiames completed two assignments with her internship: one at Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm and one with Denise Robinow, former executive director of Marketing at Wright State. During the Aullwood internship, Karen worked with Charity Krueger, retiring executive director at Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm. Together, they created a historical video record that included personal stories of Krueger’s 33 years at the 200-acre wildlife sanctuary. Karen filmed Krueger’s community retirement celebration, shadowed her at Farm Babies Fest, attended two donor meetings/tours, and observed a leadership transition meeting with Krueger and the incoming executive director and staff. During the internship with Densie Robinow, as part of the Regional Summit, Karen assisted with the development and analysis of an online survey, updated the WSU branding initiative website, and wrote an article about the genesis of the WSU branding research.