Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations

Spring 2017

Education Doctorate in Organizational Studies Scholarship Fund

By Suzanne Franco, PhD

Education Doctorate in Organizational Studies Graduate Kate Cook shares, “Organizational theory is so important in everything that we do. The practical experience and research that I conducted during the program helped me attain my current position as Assistant Professor of Education at Thomas College in Maine, but most importantly I see the world differently.”

Graduates of the Doctoral program enter our workforce with a greater understanding of leadership and change within organizations, so needed in our workplace and communities.  Students entering the EdD program have financial needs that cannot always be met.  Scholarships allow these students to continue their education.
Donor Dr. Suzanne Franco shares the story behind her decision to make her gift establishing the Program in Organizational Studies Scholarship in honor of her parents William C. and Myra Rowe.
“My vision is to grow this fund to a level that would award at least one student per year with a financial scholarship to cover one half of the student’s tuition expense.  Please consider joining me with a gift that can support the next generation of students through meaningful academic scholarship support.”   

Dr. Suzanne Franco, Ed.D.
Professor and Director of the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies
College of Education and Human Services

Make A Gift to the Doctoral Program in Organizational Studies in honor of William C. & Myra O. Rowe.



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