Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations

Fall 2017

Cassie Barlow co-authors, “Saluting Our Grandmas”, stories of WWII servicewomen

By Courtney Browning, Graduate Assistant

Cassie B. Barlow, an adjunct faculty member for the Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations Department, teamed up with Sue Hill Norrod to co-author “Saluting Our Grandmas.” This book explores the many barriers, accomplishments, and individual stories of women who have served the country in various roles. “The original intent of the book was to have young ladies read the book and see what women before them had accomplished and kind of motivate them to follow in their footsteps and to reach for the stars, the same as these women did,” Barlow said (Barber, 2017). Click the reference below to read more about the authors and their book, “Saluting Our Grandmas.”

Barber, B. (2017, May 7). Former Wright-Patt base commander tells story of WWII servicewomen. Retrieved from