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Marriage and Family Counseling Certificate

Important Update: The Marriage and Family Counseling degree has been discontinued and a Marriage and Family Certificate is now available for Clinical Mental Health Counseling students seeking the MFT credential to add to their Professional Counseling (PC) license. 

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This certificate is available to Clinical Mental Health Counseling Students seeking additional training in couples and family therapy. Students are prepared to provide family, couple, individual and group therapy. This preparation includes an extensive study of systems theory and the systemic perspective of how to view, interpret, and intervene with problems associated with marriage and family life. This degree prepares students for work as a both a professional and marriage and family counselor. 

Students learn theories and techniques for counseling individuals, families and groups, and administration and interpretation of psychometric assessment.  This certificate adds all the courses required for a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Major to qualify for admission to the Marriage and Family (MFT) licensure exam.

Contact Information

Certificate Director: Stephen Fortson, Ed.D. PCC-S
108M Allyn Hall
(937) 775-4467/2075


Academics and Curriculum

Marriage and Family Counseling Certificate Application (DOCX)

  • CNL 7260 Marriage and Family Counseling
  • CNL 7261 Systems Theory
  • CNL 8600 Play Therapy or
  • CNL 8600 Techniques of Child Therapy
  • CNL 8000 Human Sexuality Counseling
  • CNL 7800 Systemic Techniques in Marriage and Family Counseling
  • CNL 7801 Marriage Pre-Practicum
  • RHB 7300 Theory and Epidemiology of Addictions or
  • RHB 7310 Treatment and Prevention of Addictions

Total Hours 15

This certificate adds 12 credit hours to the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program.


Clinical Mental Health Counseling students seeking the marriage and family certificate must have documented 150 hours of direct contact treating either couples or families. This direct contact requirement is a part of the 240 hour direct client contact requirement for clinical mental health counseling students and does not add to the 240 hours.