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Image of Dr. SaboCarl W. Sabo, PhD, CRC

While always open to new and innovative approaches to life, Dr. Sabo really went all in with his wellness journey about a decade ago. Immersed in developing and teaching his first wellness course, he started with and continues to practice mindfulness meditation. Dr. Sabo also regularly engages in yoga and many other wellness behaviors. Our Wellness journey has only one meaningful destination, to find ourselves. - Dr. Sabo





Image of Dr. Oswald

Gina R. Oswald, PhD, CRC, LPC

Although an avid hiker and camper growing up, Dr. Oswald took her first steps towards personal wellness over a decade ago when she began practicing yoga. Since then, she has embraced meditation, a vegan and minimalist lifestyle, transformational travel, and Ecotherapy. Dr. Oswald has completed professional development in meditation instruction, yoga teacher training, and plant-based cooking. Wherever you find your authentic self, there you should endeavor to dwell. - Dr. GO

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