Educational Resource Center (ERC)

Resources for Faculty

The ERC has several items for check out to CEHS faculty.  There are 3 table skirts with a WSU/CEHS logo on them.  Equipment available for short-term loan include digital video cameras, a transportable document camera, laptops, and computer projectors.  Additionally, there are four laptop carts available for booking:  one with 30 laptops, one with 20 laptops, and two with 15 laptops (the laptop computer cart policy is below).  For more information, contact the ERC at 937-775-2878.

Laptop Computer Carts Policy

Available Equipment

CEHS has classroom wireless laptop computer sets available for checkout from the Educational Resource Center for class and workshop purposes. Each set is housed in a cart and must be checked out as a set.

Borrowing Privileges

These sets may be borrowed by:

CEHS faculty
CEHS joint faculty

  • CEHS staff

Advanced Booking

The sets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. They may be booked in advance for specific dates and times. Call the ERC at 937-775-2878 to book a set.

Checking Out

These items are catalogued to enable circulation and tracking through the library system. The equipment may be checked out only in the name of a CEHS person, i.e. faculty, joint faculty or staff.

Borrower Responsibility

  • The person in whose name the cart is checked out will be responsible for the set until it is returned to the ERC.
  • The ERC cannot make deliveries; therefore, the borrower or a designee will need to pick up the equipment. If a designee will be picking up the equipment the ERC staff must be notified in advance.
  • All users are subject to the Wright State University’s Responsible User Policy form signed when receiving a WSU computer account.
  • Each set of wireless laptops is housed in a locking cart. The laptops are to be locked in the cart when not in use.
  • Laptops are to be kept clear of food and drink.
  • The borrower is responsible for all documents and files left on the computers.
  • Return delivery to the ERC: If the ERC is closed and the equipment is unable to be delivered the cart must be stored in a locked office/space. (Special arrangements may be necessary for adjunct faculty members.) Make arrangements to have the cart returned to the ERC. If a cart is not returned until the next business day, it is to be plugged into an electrical outlet and all laptops connected to their power supplies so they are charged and ready for the next user.
  • Technical problems are to be reported to the CaTS Help Desk at 937-775-4827
  • Other problems are to be reported to ERC 937-775-2878.

Technical Support Responsibility

  • Laptop software will be updated each semester to meet University minimum requirements and CEHS standards for computing.
  • All computers will be re-mastered each semester by CaTS.
  • All documents will be removed from the computers using an automated system.

ERC Responsibility

  • The ERC staff will track the circulation of the carts.
  • An inventory content check of the equipment will be done at each check in.
  • The ERC will do its best to keep all sets charged; however, back-to-back use of equipment may limit the level of charge.

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