2013-2016 Strategic Plan

Our Mission

Preparing professionals to meet the educational, leadership, and human services needs of a diverse, democratic society.

Our Vision

The College of Education and Human Services at Wright State University is an influential force in Ohio and beyond for preparing high quality professionals who are change agents in society. Student learning is established on principles of innovation, critical evaluation, and research. The college’s collaborations foster dynamic, lifelong learning environments both on campus and in the community that position the college to identify and redesign itself to impact emergent needs.

Strategic Plan, 2013-2016

Goal 1

Program Quality and Academic Distinctiveness

Core Strategy: Create and implement a comprehensive, rigorous, and ongoing process for ensuring high-quality and distinctive programs.

  • Create the infrastructure to improve and enhance program quality
  • Develop a collaborative, data-driven process for monitoring and improving academic distinctiveness, program quality, viability, and sustainability.

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Goal 2

Student Access and Attainment

Core Strategy: Become more engaged in managing our enrollment- from the point of recruitment through graduation/ competition.

  • Prioritize focused and strategic recruitment, admissions, and retention plans.

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Goal 3

Research & Innovation

Core Strategy: Enhance awareness for research opportunities that lead to better student engagement and faculty development.

  • Create environment and culture conductive to research.
  • Nurture and disseminate mission-driven research, scholarship, stewardship, and entrepreneurship with a sustainable impact.

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Goal 4

Community and Economic Development

Core Strategy: Establish the College of Education and Human Services as a leader in partnerships and community service. Contribute to and engage in the economic development of our region, state, and beyond.

  • Establish and nurture partnerships and stakeholder groups in our region, state, and beyond.
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and simultaneous renewal to create innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries.

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Goal 5


Core Strategy: Expand market opportunities for CEHS and proactively prepare for potential growth and development.

  • Develop dynamic marketing plans internally and externally to promote our distinctive programs.
  • Improve information dissemination and CEHS branding

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Goal 6


Core Strategy: Develop and maintain the human, fiscal, and physical resources required to accomplish the CEHS strategic goals.

  • Develop a culture of data-driven decision-making regarding revenue generation and management of resources.

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